In summary: Amador Arts Goals, Web-Mix Marketing Campaign


                   Web-Mix Marketing Action Campaign and Recommendations for Amador Arts

by Mary Hackworth

 Amador Arts MISSION Statement:

“To Encourage, Support and Promote the Arts in Our Schools and Community.”

As an Internet Marketer, I am impressed with your Website. In review of Amador Arts Website, may I recommend a strategy regarding each of the great goals for success that includes creating measurable objectives for each goal and a strategy for optimization? Once identified, to ensure a successful campaign on Amador Arts Council’s Great Mission and Goals, I recommend using Social Media Marketing as an effective and current approach to accomplish this through E-mail and Social Media.

My recommendations include creating a Campaign connecting Website with:

Email, Blog, Facebook and Twitter to your great Website to accelerate the goals.

Get a campaign going, then  get the word out through Email, and Social Media such as

  1. Blogging interesting information about the fundraiser concept, inviting comments and feedback. Blogging has added benefit of it’s own URL for added exposure to community/
  2. Facebook post and Facebook Fan Page to create a buzz about it,  then and share with others.
  3. Twitter to fans to check it out and share it with others to go to Facebook or Blog!

Regarding Goals, example #1: Will one or more programs be developed by a certain time frame? In addition, explaining about what types of programs and for whom? Identify a target group and how these will be measured? Identify this for each of their goals will be important to achieve optimal results. By using specific recommended and proven Internet Marketing strategies your organization can accomplish these goals by increasing traffic to your Website.

A great approach for the Business Marketing Plan and in the case with Amador Arts is in developing a marketing plan and campaign in a fun and creative way which will help to increase the organization’s efforts and potential and your audience in both number and diversity. Amador Arts has many wonderful programs already in place, and getting the word out to a variety of demographics and fans is a great step.

Here’s an example of an idea:

Free Concerts all Summer with T.G.I.F.

Come and join in the fun! for details!

and ….

Why Support the Arts? 

Consider these three reasons:

  • It feels good.  It does good.  It’s time now.
  • It’s  up to ALL OF US to ensure that the arts thrive in our community.

Go to

Become a member and Join us!

  • Donate!
  • Buy an “Art Lover Plate”.

Then looking at the analytics shows this can be improved even more to help accomplish the mission. In addition, regular monitoring of the analytics is essential to review any opportunities that come up along the way and to show how on or off track the plan is.

Once established, these then need to be monitored regularly or at least use a consolidation tool like Hootsuite that shows all the conversations on every site you subscribe to. There’s more to social media than just posting.

Using social media is a wise choice for success of Amador Arts goals and mission.

I would love to hear from you regarding your feedback and comments.


Miller, M. (2011). The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide. Que Publishing: Pearson Education, Inc.

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