Amador Arts Web Campaign and Facebook Fan Page and Twitter


                  Web Marketing Action Campaign and Recommendations for Amador Arts Council

 Amador Arts Website Marketing Plan with Facebook Fan Page and Twitter

A Facebook page is a very good way to keep in touch with your most loyal customers and fans. You can use Amador Arts fan page to announce new fundraisers and promotions, hold contests, and solicit customer opinions. Then, you can also link to your main website from your fan page so customers can find out more information at the source.

Creating a Facebook page is relatively easy. There’s no charge to do so; the only thing you have to spend is your time.You start by going to www. and then clicking the Create Page button. I see Amador Arts already has one, and keeping it up with regular ;postings and offerings is recommended as a great way to keep everyone updated and interested, i. e. engaged!

Any official representative of your Amador Arts business can create and be assigended to keep things up-to-date on your company’s Facebook page.

To Create a custom URL for your fan page, you have to have 100 fans before Facebook offers this option but It is worth striving for. Then you create a strategy for Cross-marketing with Facebook via your own website or blog. The same goes for Twitter.

When measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts, you can track hard metrics and softer ones. In terms of hard metrics, you can track page views and unique visitors coming from each social site, as well as subscribers and fans you have on each individual site. Softer metrics measure customer engagement.

Then there’s Twitter. Twitter is not really a social network, so there’s no built-in sense of community. There are, however, lots of conversations. Twitter is what we call a microblogging service. Users post short text messages, called tweets, which are the equivalent of Facebook status updates, except a lot shorter, limited to 140 characters, max.

Marketing with Twitter is all about the tweets. You can set up a Twitter account then start tweeting. As with Facebook marketing, you need to post something new on a fairly regular basis—once or twice a week, or even more often if you have something of value to impart. You gather a group of followers (Twitter’s equivalent of Facebook’s friends), and they receive every tweet you make. It’s how you broadcast your promotional messages.

You can also place ads on Facebook as well. When you create your ad, you specify your daily budget and maximum CPC you’re willing to pay. There’s also a dashboard to help you monitor your ads’ performance.

It is important to monitor the analytics to guide the project/ campaign. These are some free ways to keep track:

Facebook: “PageLever” is a full suite of analytics for Facebook, but what they give you here is a mini version to whet your appetite. This is free and tells you when the best time to post is, what types of posts generated the most engagement, how many (%) fans are you reaching with your posts, and some basic demographics of who your fans are.

Fan Page Insights – you get these automatically from Facebook once you reach 30 fans on your Facebook Page. This is the best way for you to see what is working and what’s not and what the best times to post are such as male/female and age breakdown.

Twitter: Tweetreach – You search for a url, Twitter name, phrase or hashtag and this app tells you how far it went through the social universe. Great for event tracking with specific hashtags or for marketing promotions with specific links (by using or another URL shortening service).

TwitterCounter – Pretty accruately predicts how many Twitter followers you’ll have within a certain time period. Also tells you where you rank, and let’s you compare up to four Twitter handles to see how you stack up against the competition.

Tweetstats  – An oldy but goody that tells you how long a specific Twitter handle has been around, the times of day they do the most tweeting, who they retweet the most, their tweet (word) cloud and their following to follower ratio” (Sestili, T., Social Strand Media, 2012).

Another great free service is

Quintly is the professional social media benchmarking and analytics solution to track and compare the performance of your social media marketing activities. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or both, our tool visualizes and checks your social marketing success, benchmarking your numbers against your competitors or best practice examples.

According to Miller, 2011, “What matters with social media is the quality of your interaction with customers. That’s not something you can measure with numbers. It’s engagement over eyeballs, pure and simple” (p. 8).

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

Miller, M. (2011). The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide. Que Publishing: Pearson Education, Inc.
Sestili, T. (2012). Social Strand Media: Top ten social media analytics tools. Retrieved 7/23/13 from

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