Amador Arts Goals and Web-Mix Marketing Campaign


                  Web-Mix Marketing Action Campaign and Recommendations for Amador Arts

 Amador Arts MISSION Statement:

“To Encourage, Support and Promote the Arts in Our Schools and Community.”

In reviewing Amador Arts Great Goals:

Goal #1: Develop programs which are opportunities for all citizens to experience the arts

Goal #2: Increase visibility of AmadorArts and promote the value of the arts

Goal #3: Operate under sound management and be financially solvent

Goal #4: Network with others to provide mutual services and information that relate to the arts

Goal #5: Create an indoor Performing Arts Center that could double as a multi-purpose Community Resource Center

In order to accomplish these great goals, choosing a measurable objective for each can accelerate success. From there using a Web mix Marketing Campaign designed specifically around these would be recommended.

Recommendations include having a timeline and something to measure the reaching of goals, for each goal, such as by how much?  In addition, it is important to develop a 1-3 year Action Statement, to see movement toward the goal. Then after completion, evaluation can help develop a 3-5 year plan. You can begin this by developing a “S.M.A.R.T.” Plan to help get the goal accomplished and guide the progress to stay on track. This acronym relates to:

Specific: How to get from big picture to small. Identify a specific objective. Identify specific achievements or steps and obstacles for each goal.

Measurable: How much? For example, Goal #2: Increase visibility of Amador Arts and promote the value of the arts. By how much? 10%? Create a tracking system to monitor the success of each goal.

Actionable: Verb, such as Increase. In example #2, this is already in place! Have a system in place for tracking each goal before you take action. Include measures, dates and the name of the person or group who is responsible for each goal.

Responsible: Who will do this? Identifying who is most qualified and will be responsible to accomplish this. Assign responsibility for each goal. Assign each goal to a specific department or specific staff members who will then take ownership of the goal and be responsible for its success.

Timebound: To accomplish success, measurements within a period of time will help direct any changes or adjustments that need to be made. Identify the key performance indicators you will use to track the progress of your goal.

Making these additions to all stated great goals will be an advantage and a strength and will set the stage for the marketing campaign.

I would love to hear from you regarding this. What do you think?


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